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Volunteer Form

St. Pat's events at the Landmark Center

March 17 and 18

Note: Saturday (17) is St. Pat's, the event runs 10-5. Sunday (18) is Day of Dance , event runs 11-5.

QUESTIONS? e-mail Maureen.

Phone #: (for emergency, cancellation)
E-mail address: (this is how we'll contact you)
Day Available: Saturday (17th) Sunday (18th) Is cuma liom! (Doesn't matter) Both!
Tell us what hours you are available (e.g. 12-4 pm):
How long a shift do you want to work? (for 3 hrs. we'll pay your entrance fee)
Check if you are vounteering for the IMDA as well: IMDA Volunteer

Additional Information:

Let us know if there are activities you want to work around; if there's someone you'd like to be partnered with; or anything else you think we should know.

Comments and questions are welcome via e-mail