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What a Difference a Letter Can Make

What a difference a letter (or two, or an accent) makes! As in any language, in Irish we run into words that look quite similar. Take this list of Irish words:

Now, we've listed English meanings for these words below. Can you match the Irish words with their English meanings?

  1. to change, alter
  2. traveling, a journey (n.)
  3. to taste, sample
  4. a short period, spell of time
  5. to count, reckon
  6. to travel (v.)
  7. to perceive, sense
  8. a test, a trial
  9. to move, transfer
  10. to be wanted or needed

This exercise is also a good reminder of how Irish spelling represents Irish pronunciation. Although most of these words look very similar, especially to a beginner in the language, they generally sound different. In fact, focusing on association the spoken word, the pronunciation, with the English translation will probably help you with keeping these spellings straight. Spelling represents sound, after all, rather than the other way around, and in the case of word as similar as these, correct pronunication will to more to help memory than will trying to memorize the spelling and meaning for each one.

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