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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

GaelMinn Gazette Ships to (600+) Subscribers

The GaelMinn Gazette, our free monthly e-newsletter of tips on how to be smarter about learning Irish, went out to our list of subscribers on April 25. If you do not subscribe (which would be silly!), you can read the latest issue here.

And if you like what you see, why not sign up? We never share your e-mail, of course. And each issue not only has a couple of helpful tips for effective study techniques (described in English, of course) -- of interest to students around the world -- it lists our activities and other events of interest in our region.

Thanks to everyone who made our Spring Workshop a success!

We had a great group of students, some experienced, some brand new, at our annual Saturday workshop. Welcome to the new students who have decided to continue with us.

Our deepest thanks to Mary, Tom, and Wes for their excellent work in front of the classrooms. Thanks, too, to Maureen for her help in so many ways.

We also appreciate the continued support of the Center for Irish Studies at the University of St. Thomas.

Other Workshop News

As for the summer weekend Gaeltacht Minnesota has held in Collegeville the past few years, we're putting that on hold this year. We've never gotten a beginning group going in that region, and we're doing a bit of a re-think about our approach to workshops going forward. With the April workshop and other demands on our limited volunteer time, we'll use the summer to plan some different ways of delivering workshops.

News for Current Students

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Mary's class 04/26
Wes's Class 06/02
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