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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

THANKS, Maureen

Thanks to Maureen for teaching "Irish Traditions Throughout the Year" in St. Paul Community Education. This class went way beyond St. Pat's to explore authentic Irish traditions from antiquity and today for some well-known and some surprising holidays, including St. Brigid’s Eve, Bealtaine, St. John’s Day, Lughnasadh, and more. Maureen shared a wealth of information and created many fun activities to bring the Irish calendar to life for her students. Well done!

Workshop News

Our pals in Iowa are holding their language weekend June 11-12.

As for the summer weekend Gaeltacht Minnesota has held in Collegeville the past few years, we're putting that on hold this year. We've never gotten a beginning group going in that region, and we're doing a bit of a re-think about our approach to workshops going forward. With the April workshop and other demands on our limited volunteer time, we'll use the summer to plan some different ways of delivering workshops.

News for Current Students

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Note that the three classes split up during the summer, usually meeting every two weeks, but not necessarily on the same two weeks. Check with your instructor about the summer schedule, and don't be afraid to suggest likely meeting places, we can always use new options!

Class Pages Updated . . .

May 23 was an all-class event, no updates on individual pages.

Mary's class 05/17
Wes's Class 06/02
Will's Class 05/17

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