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04/16 /24

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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

Slán le Wes

All of us at Gaeltacht Minnesota are saddened to learn of the passing of our long time instructor Wes recently. Wes had put in many years helping students learn to speak and learn to love the Irish language, and he never delivered a lesson without a good helping of humor. For Wes and his many students over the years, learning and laughter went together. He will be deeply missed.

General Announcements

Have you been studying on your own and are looking for a beginner-level study group?

Or perhaps wanting to get back into a weekly Irish language setting? Our beginner group has been meeting virtually through the pandemic, working on a mixture of grammar, listening, reading, and speaking. We'd welcome interested students to join us in the new year - but no absolute beginners at this time, please. If you've got the basics of pronunciation and a cupla focal, and want to do more, let us know by writing to so we can talk about whether this is an opportunity for you.

News for Current Students

Classes are meeting electronically ...

Conversation! All students, as well as Irish speakers from anywhere in the community, are welcome to join Sue and Diane for conversation on the first Saturday of the month at 3pm at the Celtic Junction. Don't be bashful if you are a beginner, this group is perfect for you! Details here. Next conversation group will be May 4

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