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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

GaelMinn Gazette Ships to (600+) Subscribers

The GaelMinn Gazette, our free monthly e-newsletter of tips on how to be smarter about learning Irish, went out to our list of subscribers on September 25. If you do not subscribe (which would be silly!), you can read the latest issue here.

And if you like what you see, why not sign up? We never share your e-mail, of course. And each issue not only has a couple of helpful tips for effective study techniques (described in English, of course) -- of interest to students around the world -- it lists our activities and other events of interest in our region.

Want to have fun learning Irish (or polishing what you know)?

Then head to Madison, WI the weekend of October 14-16, where the Celtic Cultural Center has long held a spectacular fall workshop. Organizer Dineen always recruits an unusual roster of instructors combined with enthusiastic students at all levels.

For more information and a registration form, visit their web page. You don't want to miss this one!

News for Current Students

( Handy calendar on the Events page.)


Boo! No class on Halloween! (Monday without Irish? Now that's scary!)

Mary started teaching the four-week Intro class on September 26.

Class Pages Updated . . .

Mary's class 09/26
Wes's Class 06/02
Will's Class 09/26

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