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Help Us Out at the Irish Fair, August 11-13

Our booth is one of the first things visitors to the Irish Fair see, and we engage in a couple of thousand individual conversations over the course of this annual event. That's why ...

We Need YOUR Help! Please use our Volunteer Form to let us know your availability.

You do not need to speak Irish well to help out. Beginners can be just as good at this as advanced students. You are not teaching people Irish at this booth, you are sharing your experience as a learner of Irish! Every one of our students is capable of helping at this event.

And there will always be a more advanced speaker in the tent to handle any tricky questions that arise.

You can simply complete our on-line volunteer form to let us know when you are available, and we will contact you to work out a schedule. Here are some details:

We always need more help at the Irish Fair, this is a great way to support Gaeltacht Minnesota. Sign up on our Volunteer Form .


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