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Reprints and study aids are provided in Acrobat Reader format (PDF) files, which you can download and view or print from your computer if you have the Acrobat Reader from Adobe installed. (Most people who surf the 'net very much already have the plug-in installed.)

PLEASE: you are welcome to use these materials for your own study, or with students or colleagues in your study groups. Please remember, however, that Gaeltacht Minnesota has invested some effort into preparing these documents and making them available. They may not be sold, and they should only be reproduced in their original form, with the Gaeltacht Minnesota identifiers intact. Go raibh maith agat!

Verb Article Tools

The November (Samhain) 2007 issue of An Gaeilgeoir included some suggestions for "Conversational Verb Study". You can download the two tools mentioned in that article here:

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Streaming on the Web: Main Irish Media

The RTÉ site allows you to listen to daily news broadcasts in Irish over the Web. Also check out RnaG for a schedule of radio broadcasting, live streamed over the Internet, in Irish.

Other sources of radio programs include Blas (from the BBC), Raidio Na Life, and Raidio Fáilte.

Des Bishop

Comedian Des Bishop has gotten a lot of attention lately. Originally from America, he moved to Ireland as a teenager. Now, as an adult, he decided to learn Irish (he wasn't required to, as an immigrant). In fact, he decided to learn enough in just one year to do his stand-up routine as Gaeilge, in time for this year's Seachtain na Gaeilge celebration, and he made it.

He has a lot of interesting things to say to our typical students. On the one hand, they don't have the advantage of being able to move to the Gaeltacht. But on the other, he is someone who tackled the language as an adult, and many of his comments will resonate with our students. And he worked at it, he knew it wasn't enough to move into an Irish-speaking community, he studied hard.

Online Reading of Interest

Study Resources

Basic Book Yahoo Groups: two Yahoo dicussion Groups have recently been form to deal with the common basic texts that we use in Monday classes.

Other Links

Rather than pepper our pages with links (which we don't have the time to maintain), we'd prefer to refer you to other sites where there are more keystrokes and button clicks being devoted to keeping people up to date on Irish sites. Here are a couple of interesting sites:

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