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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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It was a light turnout so we kept it simple. We went through BC 19 and then did PI 16, which is more than one page. On p24 the future tense of "short verbs" (Type One, First Conjugation) is covered, and then "long verbs" (Type Two, Second Conjugation) are discussed on p25. The endings are very different from each other, and there are some pronunciation issues related to "-f(a)idh" so we'll probably be discussing things again in upcoming classes. Note also that on p25 the author lists some extra verbs beyond the two examples, and that's because there are more types of second conjugation verbs than just the ones that end in -(a)igh.

Because of the small turnout we're holding over the items we were working on last time, including the short descriptions about yourself. Remember that you are warmly encouraged to steal ideas from the recent "personal descriptions" worksheet. Please also check to see that you still have the "Hilda" reading we were working on last summer and let me know if you don't.

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We went over the answers to the "More uses for aghaidh" sheet, and we checked in on the "second drafts" for Bileog 10.5E “San ospidéal.” If you didn't get the chance to do a second draft (or a first draft...), do please consider giving it a try because it's good practice for the vocabulary we've been learning.

We reviewed the two main questions for asking what's wrong with someone: Céard atá ort?, Céard atá cearr leat? We also reviewed the other prepositional pronouns for ar and le, for talking about other people. We practiced these questions and prepositional pronouns together with a few rounds of pictures, and then I had you work together with a classmate or two to come up with statements about other photos

The last couple of classes before this one, we worked with a sheet in which people were giving short descriptions about themselves – can you write a short description about yourself?

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