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07/21 /21


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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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We went over the sheet I sent out that discusses "do" and its prepositional pronouns, and we went over the answers.

I walked you through a preview of PI 32 which is on “de” -- the exercises are part of your homework.

We started reading our summer story! We got through a good part of the first page (“page 16”) but we still have a couple of paragraphs to go. We'll pick up there next time and go on to the second page ("page 17").

In the last few minutes of class I whipped through the first column of the second page of vocab for Mata Hari, just to give you a leg up on the searching.

Obair bhaile:

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We went through the answers for the exercises in the "capstone" Unit 3 homework. Maith sibh!

We ran through the first page of the vocabulary list for our summer story. It looks like each page pertains to sections of the story. Please start translating the story, and see if you can get at least to the end of the first page ("page 16").

Soon we'll be looping back to pick up PI 32, but first let's remind ourselves what was in PI 31 which is a very similar-looking preposition. I'm sending out a info sheet with exercises, and please work through 31 if you haven't already.

Obair bhaile:

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