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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


Class canceled due to weather Jan 28

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Cén lá é an lá inniu?


Related to the past tense, I handed out a sheet with some common activities that one might talk about, say with one's classmates when one is making small talk about how one's previous week has gone, hint hint....

We finished out our time looking at a sheet Will worked up, re: an article in Tuairisc in which the writer complained about clichés being translated wholesale from English. Said clichés were presented in list format on Will's sheet, your task being to figure out the English sayings from which they came. Go raibh maith agat, a Will!

Obair bhaile:

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Cén lá é an lá inniu? What day is today?


We went over the second handout/worksheet on “orduimhreacha,” specifically the page about dates, and checked all our answers.

One more return to “Ceisteanna” (Bileog 6.4C). Last week I asked you to get and give answers again, then write up those answers, mar shampla:

Éiríonn Ruairí go moch ar maidin. -OR- Ní éiríonn Ruairí go moch ar maidin.

This time I asked you to rewrite your answers in indirect speech format (using subordinate clauses):

Remember that for eclipsable consonants it will look more like this:

Everyone did a great job. Bainigí sult as an saoire!

Obair bhaile:

Nothin’ -- see you at the dinner and enjoy your break

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