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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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We made an attempt to catch up on a bunch of the homework from the last few classes that we haven't quite finished....

About three classes ago we used a list of phrases – w/verbs in the present habitual tense – to talk to each other about things we do often or sometimes or not at all. You were asked to write up a few of the items that you heard from your partner and a few items that you supplied about yourself. This was to practice both the “me” verb forms and “everybody else” verb forms. We got a few contributions -- if you didn't get these written out, please do consider doing them now as it's good practice. I'm happy to revisit the topic next time.

The next homework was the sheet of exercises in which you were asked to rewrite English "to ___" sentences in something closer to the Irish word order, and then translate. Ex: I like to read the newspaper --> I like the newspaper to read --> Is maith liom an nuachtán a léamh. We got a fair ways through this one but we ran out of time and will have to finish it up next time.

Obair bhaile:

The following old assignments are still fair game:

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1. She is starting to write the letters.
2. She has to write the letters tonight.
3. I am stopping buying fruit. [Yeah, this is awkward, but English and Irish don't always play nice together.]
4. I like to buy fruit.
5. He is going to wash the dishes.
6. He is content to wash the dishes.


Kind of like last time, the warmup exercises gave us the chance to compare/contrast the "ag [VN]" structure we're familiar with to the newer structure we've been working with, the "[N] a [VN]" one that Irish often uses to express "to ___."

We then went through the sheet titled "An tAinm Briathartha" again, much more slowly and making sure everyone knew what each of the examples translates to mean.

We finished going through the obair bhaile from a few weeks ago, which didn't have a title other than "Part B" -- "Part A" is the 30-verb list we've been working with. Last time we went through exercises 1-10 and this time we did 11-20 which finished it off.

All through the evening we talked about where various sentence components go in the "to ___" structure, which kind of boils down to this: the direct object goes before the VN, adverbs & PP go after the VN.

Last time I gave you a sheet of exercise in which you were asked to rewrite English sentences in something closer to the Irish word order before translating. We didn't get a lot of chance to talk about that before the all-class meeting so we talked about it again tonight, and we did some practice sentences together, ex:

Obair bhaile:

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