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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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Bean bhán bhinn ag baint bainne bó bleachtáin


At the very end of class last time I threw a handout/worksheet at you on the topic of orduimhreacha, ordinal numbers. We went through the info this time and reviewed the answers.

One way in which ordinals are often used is in talking about dates, and I gave you a follow-up page on that, listing all the "of (month)" forms. So, to give that day's date, we could say: Inniu an Luan, an tríú lá de mhí na Nollag, 2018 ("dhá mhíle 'is a hocht déag").

Then I made you go back to Bileog 6.4 (C) “Ceisteanna” and had you do pairwork with a different person. I asked you to jot down the answers you got and write them up as sentences. For instance, if you worked with Ruairí and this was how the first question played out:

Q: An éiríonn tú go luath ar maidin, a Ruairí?
A: Éirím. would write out: Éiríonn sé go luath ar maidin.
(Or, if the answer was "Ní éirím," you would write out: Ní éiríonn sé go luath ar maidin.)

If you ran out of time to do all of the questions, write up what you got. If your partner is in class next week and you have a little time, see if you can finish the questions.

Obair bhaile:

Orduimhreacha, the page about dates

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Seacht sicín ina seasamh sa sneachta lá seaca


We went over Part C on the “On Monday, Every Monday” worksheet, going through #1 & #2 fairly thoroughly, and then taking examples willing offered for #3 about your own activities.

We didn't get to the “Ceisteanna” half-sheet because we got on a tangent about why I haven't already taught you how to form who-what-where-when-why questions. (Answer: syntactic complexity. It involves relative clauses.)

Then I handed out a sheet full of vocab on days of the week, months of the year and seasons, and we went over the pronunciations and talked about a few fine points of usage.

We also didn't have time to do any verbal work with these terms, so fate has decreed that you get to start your learning of the new vocab with some written exercises.

Obair bhaile:

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