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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


Last Time (June 6) {Back to Top}(back to top):



We went through the Round One verbs sheet and looked at what they would be in the conditional.

Hey, as long as we've got a bunch of conditionals now, from the verb sheet and also L38-39 of PI, how about we talk about... Céard a dhéanfá dá mbuafá céad milliún dollar sa gcrannchur? A little cliched, I know, but hey! You might have multiple ideas, in which case "Céard é an chéad rud a dhéanfá? Agus ansin?"

I have chosen the mini-story we'll be reading this summer -- check your e-mail and let me know if it's not in your inbox or spam filter.

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We walked through the forms of the irregular verbs in the conditional in PI 39, both the ones the author gave and the ones she didn't (well, enough of them to see the patterns), and then we went through the answers to the exercises.

No class next Monday, see you on the 6th.

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