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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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We went through the answers to PI 16 p26, which mostly pertained to the future tense of some of the irregular verbs.

We put off reviewing the answers to the “ceann” compound preposition (srl.) worksheet -- I forgot to print out the answer key and I was just tired enough from my travels that it seemed risky to trust my brain with an activity it hadn't thought about for a couple weeks.

We finally got back to “Cé Hí Hilda?” and started a review of progress so far. I think we got through page 5.

Obair bhaile:

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Another light turnout night -- we went through the answers for the PI homework, the "cuir Gaeilge air seo" for pp24-25 of Ceacht a 16. And then we flipped to the third page of this rare long lesson, which presents about half of the irregular verbs and a couple of the oddball verbs that aren't technically irregular.

I handed out another infosheet/worksheet, similar to the one we just did on aghaidh, but this one is on various different applications of ceann. If you missed class and would like this item before our next meeting on 7/29, please contact me.

Obair bhaile

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