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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


Last Time (August 6) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Pronunciation practice – seanfhocail:
Is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte.


We went over the answers for the massive rule review that was the worksheet I sent home with you last time. It's a lot of rules to juggle at the same time, and luckily standard Gaeilge operating procedure does not typically require us to keep on top of all of these rules every single moment like a worksheet does.

Then we went through PI 8 and 9, which cover the past and future tenses of bí.

We rounded out our evening by reading another page of "Cé Hí Hilda?" -- next time we'll see how close we can get to finishing it off.

Obair bhaile:

Previous Class (July 23) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Pronunciation practice – seanfhocail:

Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras. and
An rud a líonas an tsúil líonann an croí.

(Also grammar practice, since we've been learning about t-V and tS)


I handed out an overview of what kinds of mutations happen to the letter S, which is what we discussed in our previous meeting. Then we went over the answers to the homework which was all about testing your knowledge of what you can tell (and can't!) about a noun's gender based on "an ____" noun phrases.

We looked at nouns on the “Room and Classroom Nouns” sheet – remember that one from Intro? We went through the list and determined which nouns would change after "an," then we tested our knowledge with the Tabbies of Doom.

Homework is another sheet that will give you a workout on what to do in a variety of environments, vowel-initial, S-initial, other-consonant-initial, both masculine and feminine. We took a while to review each environment.

And that left us with only enough time to do one more page of “Cé hí Hilda” -- but that's still progress.

Obair bhaile:

Worksheet: “Mutations of vowels, s and other consonants”

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