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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


Last Time (February 12){Back to Top}(back to top)


Pronunciation practice--

An té nach mbeireann ar an ngnó, beireann an gnó air. “He who doesn’t get a grip on the job, the job grips him.”


We quickly reviewed last week's handout on 'ar,' and reminded ourselves of how lenition works, since ‘ar’ lenites nouns that directly follow it.

We reviewed a little more thoroughly last week's handout “Emotions and illnesses” and I had you practice recognizing the vocabulary with each other.

Then I had you play a game in which I stuck sticky notes on your backs, one with a name and one with an emotion/physical state, and had you work with each other to figure out what your deal was by using questions such as:

"Cén t-ainm atá orm?"
"An bhfuil (áthas/ocras/slaghdán) orm?"

Because -- get it? -- the name and physical state were stuck *on you.*

At the very end of class we raced through a review of BC 11.

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Previous Class (February 5){Back to Top}(back to top)


Pronunciation practice:
Ná tabhair breith ar an gcéad scéal.


It was a handout night. First we went through a sheet on using the preposition ag, appropriately titled "Using ag." Then we went through a sheet on the preposition ar. Then we quickly and not at all thoroughly went through a basic handout on emotions and illnesses, mostly just pronouncing the vocab.

Near the end of class we reviewed PI 6. We can talk about the answers next time (also the answers for exercises from PI 4-5 if you find you have questions after all).

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