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06/08 /21


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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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We did a second call for “Muintir” presentations -- maith sibh!

We worked through the last worksheet in Unit 3. I had you talk with classmates in breakout rooms to compare answers (or come up with answers) and then we talked about it as a group.

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We went through the translation exercises on the sheet about the vocative/genitive forms of first names, and I think the name part went well, anyway! We also had some nice talk about possible variations in the non-name parts.

I had another listening exercise for you, possibly the last one for the unit, and we worked through it and then looked at the script.

Then, at long last, we had our “muintir” presentations! GRMA a 'chuile dhuine, I think we all appreciated the nice variety in real people and TV characters.

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