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05/10 /21


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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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We went through the “An Teaghlach” worksheet and talked about the likely answers, and a few answers that were less likely but a lot more fun.

I had more "storytime" for you and gave you the highlights of the life of Micheál on Ros na Rún. A worksheet followed in e-mail.

I also gave you homework for two weeks from now: please pick someone whose family connections you can describe and do so. Could be your own family, could be someone else's, could even be a fictional character. Feel free to make it simple, in fact I encourage simplicity. (So, maybe no soap opera characters.) Please also find an image to use or send to me, or let me know ahead of time so I can take a look around for an image to put up for you if you'd rather not figure out how to share your screen.

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We went through the “Muintir Bherni” PDF and discussed the answers. For some there were multiple ways of phrasing the answer and I wrote a few out and we discussed any others that were brought up.

I had another listening exercise for you from Unit 3: “Pictiúr den mhuintir.”

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