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Will's Class


The Occasional Book Thing

Last Time (October 1) {Back to Top}(back to top)

small but mighty were we ...


Good news, bad news, we got caught up with some conversation as Gaeilge to start the show.


We finished that little bit of Chapter 3 and just got all the way through Chapter 4 by the end of class. Translation work by the group was excellent!

Homework for Next Time

Chapter 5: Bring questions!

(August 26) {Back to Top}(back to top)


We spent a lot of time catching up on activities since our last meeting, and we didn't mind using a lot of English as there was a lot to cover. Kerry had been to, well, Kerry, Glenn to Dublin, I had been to Scotland, and Maureen reported on the Montana workshop, the Irish Fair, and Irish Fest Milwaukee. (Meanwhile, Shari was hiding in Germany.)

Lots of fun stuff to share!


We got almost all the way through Chapter 3, with just the last two pages to carry over to next time. Student translations were excellent, and this chapter raised some interesting questions about some clever ways the translator had rendered the original English into Irish.

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