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Will's Class


Topic Notes

We'll probably spend a lot of time with the copula this fall.

BUT suggestions are always welcome, fall is a good time to concentrate on a favorite topic.

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Trácht ar an diabhal agus taispeánfaidh sé é féin. Mention the devil and he shows himself.


Travels of various kinds and the Boss from Hell figured in our chat.

Copula Identification Homework

We did the Homework from the handout that descrbed dentification" uses of the copula, and as usual, students had a good grasp of the activity. Again, it just takes a heckuva lot of practice to make these distinctions quickly and to intuitively come up with the right structure.

In other words, we're making progress, but we need to be patient and persistent.

Tá/Is Practice

We worked through a familiar set of English sentences, identifying the types of sentences needed in Irish, and translating the start of them. If you want to try this, the handout is here.


We listened briefly to five news stories, most of which had some familiar context. We didn't decipher them in detail, we just identified the theme and a few key words from each story.


For October 23

I've assigned an article -- a movie review of the new "Blade Runner" -- for next time. This assignment really isn't about what the reviewer says, but about how he says it, as this writer has a knack for using interesting idioms and phrasing. You can get the PDF here or see the original (with the built-in dictionary) on Tuairisc.

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Is olc an breitheamh ar dhathanna dall. The blind person is a poor judge of color.


Travels of various kinds and the Boss from Hell figured in our chat.

Past Copula Homework

We did both the "Practice" and the Homework from the out review of past copula forms handout. Results were generally pretty good, with a tweak needed here and there.

We also talked about whether we were making progress on the copula. The general feeling was that we were, but that it takes a lot of repetitions to get comfortable with this stuff, so it will be a while before things come easily with the copula. But students felt they had a better handle on when to use it.


We listened to a brief news slip about Maria hitting Puerto Rico.

Comments and questions are welcome via e-mail