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Will's Class


I Will Miss the !1th, BUT

Maureen will lead the group and has materials for homework, etc.

Preferred Class Activities

When we last talked about activities, a few clear preferences emerged:

It may take me a little while to get the hang of it, but it was a good discussion and I am thinking of ways to get more out these kinds of class activities. THANKS!

Christmas Dinner Dec. 18

Details are on our events page. You can turn forms into Maureen on Monday (the 11th).

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Lig do fuarú sa gcraiceann ar théigh sé ann. Let him cool in the skin he heated up in. In other words, when someone is angry, let him/her cool down before you offer a reply or response.


Trains and traffic were hot topics!

Verb Review Homework

We work through the verb review homework, and students formed excellent questions. It takes a lot of exposure to get comfortable with some tenses.

Audio: Dialects

We listened to another edition of Fógrái an Lae to compare dialects, this show had different readers with different accents than the last one. We listened to good chunks at 90% speed, and then we circled back for normal speed -- the Donegaler was very fast!


For December 11

A little more verb work, this time reviewing how we make the autonomous forms.

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We continue to mine the proverbs collected by Robert Shipboy MacAdam, and first published in a series that ran from 1858 to 1862. For a little extra fun, I provided his original spelling:

Ma cheannaigheann tu droch-nidh, ceannochaidh tu a rìst go h-aithghearr.

A more modern version would be:

Má cheannaíonn tú drochní, ceannóidh tú arís go hathghearr. If you buy a bad thing (low quality), you will soon buy again.


Retirement, the DMV, and Thanksgiving plans all got discussed in the first half of the class, well done!

Verb Review

We went over the answers to the last verb exercise (somewhat defective in design by yours truly), a good activity. Generally, we a greed that Type 2 verbs give us more trouble (probably because we learn more Type 1 verbs earlier), especially which endings contain í and which contain ó.

We'll have more verb review now and then, to refresh our skills.

The article

We made a pretty good start on the article by Dutchman Alex Hijmans, stopping to pick apart the grammar here and there. We still have to get through the last three paragraphs.

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