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Will's Class


Summer Class Activities: Stop In!

If you have been away a while, why not drop in this summer. We are going nto use these larger chunks of time for homework to do a few short stories, maybe some contemporary literature. It may seem like a lot, but just do what you can, and as a group we can learn a lot while enjoying some good stories. We'll also try to get in some good listening practice.

Summer Schedule

We plan to meet at Maureen's church as we have in summers past. (Keep in mind, depending on where you are coming from, that 35W is screwed up with construction.) The proposed dates are:

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Dhá dtreabhfadh sé an tír, chaithfeadh sé an ríocht. If he'd plow the whole country, he would spend the kingdom. In other words, he's a very hard worker, but he never gets ahead because he is a spendthrift.


With a couple of weeks to catch up on, many a tale was shared: museums, construction, plays. As usual, an excellent job of keeping the conversation flowing.

Standún Story

I was very impressed to find that Glenn and Maureen had completed the entire excerpt from Súil le Breith. And the results were excellent.

Grammatically, the most interesting feature of the story is the shifting between conditional and past habitual tenses. Note that if we say, very naturally, in English, "When we were young we would go to church every Sunday," that's a past habitual in the Irish version.

Homework for July 9

Our next story is by Pádraic Breathnach.

Previous Class (June 4) {Back to Top}(back to top)

We had a short class, as there was an all-class meeting for the last hour.

Seanfhocal na Seachtaine

Tabhartas Uí Néill agus a dhá shúil ina dhiaidh. O'Neil's gift (or favor), and his two eyes after it. Said of someone who gives you something and then draws attention to it, reminds you what a nice thing they did for you!


We spent a good hour catching up on the last couple of weeks. Epic driving around construction and epic theatre attendance were among the shared experiences. Well done!

Lore Homework

We reviewed a couple of bits lore from the Dúchas site. We had a very good discussion of some of the spelling differences between 1938, in the old script, and present day. And we learned about some superstitions and a magical island. The class did a great job deciphering the old text and translating the results.

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