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Will's Class


Proposed Summer Schedule

We'll meet at Maureen's church, off the Diamond Lake Road exit on 35W:

Topic Notes

We've spent quite a bit of time on our favorite tenses ...

Looking forward to the rest of spring and summer, two topics that have been requested:

I'm thinking of merging the two topics over the summer ...

Last Time (May 22) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Slán le Johana

This was Johana's last class with us, we wish her a great trip to, and great life in, California!


Is duine saibhir é, dáiríre, an duine nach bhfuil uaidh ach beagán. It is truly a rich person who needs (or wants) but little. We talked about the tá-ó construction as a shortcut for tá sé ag teastaíl ó.


Plenty of discussion, sad news, good news, but all very well done.

Tattoo Article

The tattoo topic (helped with a little show and tell from Glenn) was handled easily by the group. Only a couple of spots gave trouble, and those were authentically weird things!


For June 12!

June 5 will be an all-class, so you have a month to translate this essay from Tuairimí. While you're at it, think of some comments/observations of your own you'd like to make in response to the essay.

Previous Class (May 15) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Ceannaigh an maor 's ní baol duit an máistir. Buy the steward and the master is not a danger to you. Nice use of imperative and copula.


We spent nearly 90 minutes in conversation! Well done! Questions were asked, good discussion, excellent session.

Sentences Homework

This time students wrote sentences in the conditional and the past habitual, and the grammar was excellent. Another exercise handled very well by our group.

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