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Will's Class


Preferred Class Activities

When we last talked about activities, a few clear preferences emerged:

It may take me a little while to get the hang of it, but it was a good discussion and I am thinking of ways to get more out these kinds of class activities. THANKS!

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Welcome back from break!


Dearmad bhean an tí ag an gcat. The housewife's mistake, forgetfulness, neglect goes to the cat. The cat gets that milk you forget to put away, etc.


We had long breaks to catch up on, so we had a good conversation, with some good follow up questions.


It was a long article and took the rest of the night. We noted lots of interesting dialect features, but the most obscure parts were actually in direct quotes from Ó Cadhain.


For January 22

We have a writing exercise, translating English into Irish. Don't worry about perfect and complete translation, just do what you can and take this opportunity to practice.

The article distributed for translation is of interest not just because of what it says, but because of how it is said. The writer has a very strong Munster dialect, and even within Munster, he does some unsual things. Work on it as a PDF or from the original web page.

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THANKS to Maureen for leading the class while I was away!


Well, fearless leader screwed that up. The one proverb should have started Ná labhair, although Ná habair would have worked, too, but I didn't have either one. Anyway:

Ná labhair gach ní ab áil leat le heagla go gcluinfeá ní nárbh áil leat. Don't say everything you like for fear that you will hear something you don't like.


Conversation included good follow up questions and comments, which is the goal of this activity!

Autonomous Homework

The class worked through the autonomous review exercise, putting in a good amount of time generating or reviewing sentences using these forms.

We see the autonomous in our reading, but most of us only rarely use it ourselves, so it is only natural that generating these forms -- and knowing when to use them -- is a bit tricky. We'll revisit these forms in the new year.

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