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Will's Class


VERBAL THERAPY morning on Saturday, May 19, contact me if you have questions.

Preferred Class Activities

When we last talked about activities, a few clear preferences emerged:

Last Time (May 14) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Seanfhocall (& show & tell)

Is cuid den mhuc a drioball. The tail is part of the pig. In other words, chip off the old block, apple doesn't fall far from the tree, etc.


We had a surprise, as John (Eoin) Gibney -- a Dubliner living in Iowa for many a year, who has been to some of our summer workshops -- was in town and dropped in. That gave us a new player for conversation, and we had dandy time!

Unraveling ...

I had gathered some more interesting sentences for you to unravel, and we worked through those. Good work, these activities help us focus on common, but tricky, grammatical structures. The homework for next week is related to this activity.

Homework for May 21

Now we'll work unraveling in the opposite direction. In this homework, you start with simple sentences and "ravel" them into complicated ones.

Previous Class (May 7) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Seanfhocall (& show & tell)

Is iomaí taod a thig i lá earraigh, or, less northern, Is iomaí tadhg a thagann i lá earraigh. There's many a (weather) change in a spring day, as we well know in Minnesota. This is literally true of the weather, but this saying is used more broadly to refer to the fickleness of the young!

I also shared some amusing responses from smart devices (like Siri, Google) when given a question or search in spoken Irish.


We spent our usual hour catching up, especially since I hadn't seen the group for two weeks. Excellent conversation as Gaeilge!

Fill in the Dráma

We had a little "complete the missing dialogue" activity for homework. These were little dialogues in which only one "actor's" part was given, and students had to make up the other side of the interaction.

The results were terrific, not only creative and fun, but in excellent Irish. There was really nothing for me to do but enjoy them, practically no correction needed! Maith sibh!

Audio: Ambassador

A month or two ago, I played a little audio of the Acting Ambassador to Ireland, Reece Smyth, who has jumped into learning Irish! He had done a tour of Conamara, including giving an interview in Irish on RnaG, as well as playing news reader and weather man at the TG4 studios. We listened to his interview, working hardest to unravel the interviewer's introduction and questions. We give him credit for making a great effort to learn the ancestral language of his hosts!

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