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Will's Class


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Looking Ahead

We'll tackle classic literature on a regional basis, over the next year, say. Maureen swears she didn't memorize everything we did in '07-'08.

Last Time (December 3) {Back to Top}(back to top)

I wasn't there, but Maureen and Glenn met.


Ní dual grian gan scáil. It isn't natural to have sun without shadow. Every silver lining must have its cloud?


We hadn't all been together for a while, so there was considerable catching up to do. As a result, we got about 90 minutes into class on the strength of the proverbs followed by conversation. Everybody did a really fine job sharing their news in Irish, well done!

TV Shows

Maureen had brought in some very lively descriptions of holiday specials on TV. We got to a few translations into Irish, the work was excellent, and the choices interesting. We'll continue that work for next time.

Homework for December 10

Continue work on the translation into Irish of TV shows compiled by Maureen. See if you can pick a sentence or two and find more than one legitimate way to translate them.

Previous Class (November 26) {Back to Top}(back to top)

I wasn't there, but Maureen and Glenn met.


Mar mhadadh ag tafann in aghaidh na gealaí. Like a dog barking at the moon, applied to useless talk, etc.


Conversation was had as usual, a very nice habit.


Reviewed translations of article I had handed out and did some verb review.

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