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Will's Class


It's Fundraising Time, there will be an envelope in the class the next few weeks.

Maureen has taken a seat on the IMDA board, comhghairdeas léi !

Workshop in Milwaukee Mar. 2-4. See home page for more information.

Preferred Class Activities

When we last talked about activities, a few clear preferences emerged:

It may take me a little while to get the hang of it, but it was a good discussion and I am thinking of ways to get more out these kinds of class activities. THANKS!

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Seanfhocal & Show and Tell

Mol a dheireadh . Praise its end, that is, let's see how it turns out before we get all excited.

We also listed to some international news from RnaG: our government shutdown, the stock market, and the opening of the Olympics.


Plenty to chat about, an excellent round of conversation in Irish!


We worked through the article on the spider , not too challenging as a translation, but fun and a nice style.

More Audio

We listened to a little of Brian O Broin's account of the State of the Union. Hint: gaisce, over and over.


For February 26

More animals, two bits to translate, over two weeks, from this handout.

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Seanfhocal & Show and Tell

I ndiaidh a aimhlis a fheictear a leas don Éireannach. The Irishman doesn't see what he should have done (his benefit) until after he has already done the wrong thing (his harm). Note that aimhlis is an alternate, but maybe not unusual, genitive form of aimhleas, aimhleasa would be more standard.


Super Bowl week, some tales of taking in activities, some tales of avoiding the whole mess, but a good, long, true conversation session!


We tackled the "unraveling" homework, and the results were excellent, just a couple of sticking points (especially in the last example in the handout, where there were a couple of clauses stuck in between a verb and its object. This is a good activity, I'll keep gathering puzzlers ...

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