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Will's Class


Changes to Will's Class on the horizon

Last Time (February 11) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Show & Tell

I had a few bits and pieces, including this lovely sentence for an "unraveling" exercise:


From surgery to flying wedding rings to frigid offices, there was lots to catch up on, well done!

Future of Will's Class

We discussed the impact of adding a new beginners' class with Maureen as instructor. We tossed some ideas around which are summarized in the Announcements at the top of the page. Let's keep thinking and talking about our options.

Blasket Shipwreck

We only had a little time, so we sped through the shipwreck account, just dealing with the rough bits. Students seemed pretty on top of this, there wasn't much to clean up.

Homework for February 25

To put the Blasket Island memoirs in perspective, we'll get a little taste of Myles na gCopaleen's scathing paraody, An Béal Bocht.

Previous Class (January 14) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Show & Tell

No proverbs this time, but a list of English cliches that have appeared in direct translation into Irish (arousing the ire of a columnist at Tuairisc. A few samples:


We had lots to catch up on after having been away for a month. Good chat, well done!

Blasket Memoirs Part I

Everyone did very well with the first excerpts from the Blasket Island memoirs. A few things eluded us here and there, but all in all we got most of it. Peig didn't cheer anybody up.

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