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Will's Class


Looking Ahead

We're going to try to get "back to basics" on some topics, and we'll start with a review of numbers

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Maureen is teaching the first hour of class for a few weeks, so the class kind of falls into two halves.


An eascann ag ithe a rubaill, the eel eating its tail --- said of someone who is bad mouthing their own relatives.


Good stories, plenty of material, well done.


We're looking at numbers over the next few weeks, so we listened to an episode of Fógraí an Lae, a kind of classified ads program from RnaG. It has lots of times, dates, and phone numbers so we could listen for number words.


We started on Page 10 of the translation of MacBeth that Maureen had brought us, but didn't get too far. Everybody's having fun with it, though!

Homework for October 15

I handed out a Number review sheet, just take a look at it as you have time.

We didn't finish the P. 10 section of Maureen's translation of MacBeth into Irish, So carry that over. And if you have a little time, find one or two of your favorite lines from Macbeth and process those.

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Níl de bheann aici air ach oiread agus a bheadh ag madadh dhá ar a mháthair. She has no more regard for him than a two-year-old dog has for its mother. Said of a wife who doesn't pay much attention to her husband.


We used Kerry's scéal as an opportunity to explore translating English into Irish, and some of the choices we make. She did a great job.


We listened to our poet reading the next couple of poems, exploring surprises and highlighting dialect markers. Kerry's got good ears, and we discussed several interesting dialect features.

Traffic ticket

We spent just a little time looking over the bilingual speeding ticket from Ireland, provided by a member of another class. We might poke at those a little more in the future.

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