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Will's Class


The Occasional Book Thing

Last Time (July 15) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Short Comhrá

We had some chat, especially about the weather we all drove through, but we jumped pretty quickly into ...

Alice's adventures

We got through Chapter 2, finding nice expressions and being picky over grammar. Students brought great questions to class!

Homework for August 26

Do your best with the third chapter of the Alice translation. Be fussy about grammar (e.g., precise tense) and bring questions.

(June 10) {Back to Top}(back to top)

Fun Expressions

We looked at several items, one being, "Ná déan paidir chapaill de", don't make a horse's prayer out of it. When a horse is so tired or worked so hard that it falls to its knees (as if in prayer), it is likelly to be there a good while. So a horse's prayer is long, and this is saying, "Don't make a long drawn-out story out of it," or more simply, "Don't make it into a big deal.


We had a very brief listening session from the national headlines in Ireland. The subject was that Trump was in Ireland, and if the weather were to be good enough for him to play golf, he's stay the day, otherwise he was leaving early.


We then worked through the first chapter of Alice. The pattern was:

We just barely finished by 8:30, and the work was excellent. There were lots of grammar and style points to consider, and people seemed to think this was a decent approach.

Quick Comhrá

We didn't have time for a full blown Cén scéal, but we learned that Glenn is combining his passions for science fiction and Ireland in a trip in August, Kerry will be heading to Killarney about the same time, and Maureen is considering heading to Montant to reinforce her Munster accent.

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