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Will's Class


Looking Back, Looking Ahead

This summer we tackled some tough stuff!

If you took the summer off, we'd like to welcome you back! It is true that we have one story to finish, but just read along with us and enjoy the story as Maureen and Glenn have translated it.

After we've processed that, we'll step back to review more of the basics, and we all welcome your input on what you'd like to do.

Bottom line is, if you looked at the summer reading and ran for the hills, run back, we aren't going to continue at that level. It was just a summer experiment!

Last Time (September 10) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Praiseach bhuí na ngort a chuireanns mná na Mí le holc. The wild kale in the fields puts the women of Meath to mischief. Before cabbage was commonly grown in household plots, wild (yellow) kale was gathered, and going out to pick that gave women a chance to meet their lovers ...


We got caught up on numerous adventures and tales of family and relatives: Well Done!

Ó Conghaile Story

By gosh, we finished this little known chapter of the Bible, as it were, with God being kind of a doofus in this telling.

Dineen, Detective

We got through the first couple of pages, to the bottom of 219.

Homework for September 17

Previous Class (August 20) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Rún caillí ag scallaireacht : a secret of scolding old hags. In other words, not really a secret at all!


Really excellent discussion of what people have been up to in recent weeks, including Irish Fair and Irish Fest.

Ó Conghaile Story

We almost finished off the story of God and His daughter, who don't seem to see eye to eye ...

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