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Will's Class


Proposed Summer Schedule

We'll meet at Maureen's church, off the Diamond Lake Road exit on 35W:

Topic Notes

We've spent quite a bit of time on our favorite tenses ...

Looking forward to the rest of spring and summer, two topics that have been requested:

I'm thinking of merging the two topics over the summer ...

NOTE: June 5 was an all-class ...

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We had a couple of seanfhocal in seanchló from the old Dineen dictionary (and which font I won't try to reproduce here). Modernized, one of them read, Aithníonn fear na h-olna dhíol fear na h-olna cheannach: The wool seller knows (recognizes) the wool buyer.


It had been a while since we had time to chat, so we got caught up, in Irish -- well done.


We went over our translations of this essay from Tuairimí. That didn't present many serious challenges. We also shared our own experiences/attitudes about shopping.


We found some time to listen to:


For July 10

Three weeks!

June 5 will be an all-class, so you have a month to translate this essay from Tuairimí. While you're at it, think of some comments/observations of your own you'd like to make in response to the essay.

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Slán le Johana

This was Johana's last class with us, we wish her a great trip to, and great life in, California!


Is duine saibhir é, dáiríre, an duine nach bhfuil uaidh ach beagán. It is truly a rich person who needs (or wants) but little. We talked about the tá-ó construction as a shortcut for tá sé ag teastaíl ó.


Plenty of discussion, sad news, good news, but all very well done.

Tattoo Article

The tattoo topic (helped with a little show and tell from Glenn) was handled easily by the group. Only a couple of spots gave trouble, and those were authentically weird things!

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