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Will's Class


Summer Class Activities: Stop In!

If you have been away a while, why not drop in this summer. We are going nto use these larger chunks of time for homework to do a few short stories, maybe some contemporary literature. It may seem like a lot, but just do what you can, and as a group we can learn a lot while enjoying some good stories. We'll also try to get in some good listening practice.

Summer Schedule

We plan to meet at Maureen's church as we have in summers past. (Keep in mind, depending on where you are coming from, that 35W is screwed up with construction.) The proposed dates are:

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Ná beannaigh don diabhal go mbeannaí sé duit. Don't greet the Devil before (until) the Devil greets you. Although you'll find beannaigh as "to bless" in your dictionary, it would be a mistake to translate this as "Don't bless ...". Beannaigh + do is used commonly as a basic "hello" Go mbeannaí Dia dhuit! literally means "God bless you," but it really is just "hello" in common usage.


The usual good round of getting caught up with recent activities. This is a routinely excellent performance by the group, who should be proud of their ability to share news and keep talking. We can always use a few more follow-up questions, though!

Ó Conghaile Story

We tackled the stories from the retelling of Genesis, we might say, by Micheál Ó Conghaile. He paints a portrait of God as kind of a lazy adolescent. We got through the fi rst paragraph on P. 5, so we have a ways to go, but I expect we will wrap things up with this literary sample at the next class.

Homework for August 20

We didn't quite finish the stories by Micheál Ó Conghaile. We should be able to wrap that up and start on Father Dineen --- detective!

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Seanfhocal Postponed

I've got 4 seanfhocal, but I decided to just hold them for next class, because of our ...


The conversation started before 7 and ran over an hour. Speaking Irish, that's what we're supposed to be doing, and it was an excellent chat. So I skipper the proverbs and went right to the ...

Breathnach Story

We finished this story by Pádraic Breathnach , we agree that this was one of the most challenging homeworks owe've had. But there were some lovely descriptions in the story, and some great grammar examples of things we study but don't see enough in the "wild" as it were. This story in particular had great examples of that indirect object of a verbal noun, that is, we can't say "ag bualadh é", instead we say "á bhualadh", except we had the added wrinkle that in Conamara we often use dhá rather than á.

We also did the first paragraph -- which already displayed quite an irreverent tone -- from the new stories by Micheál Ó Conghaile.

Homework for August 6

Continue work on the new stories by Micheál Ó Conghaile.

And just in case, I handed out a story about dictionary editor Father Dineen --- as a detective!

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