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Note: This e-zine is winding down! Our last issue will be September, 2017. You can still subscribe to get the last few issues in your inbox, we just want to make sure you understand that we'll wrap it up in September.

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How will this work? You will use this page to sign up for the GaelMinn Gazette. Once the sign up process is complete, you'll receive a short, text-only e-mail from us once a month. The signup process is automatically handled by our list manager, and you can manage your subscription yourself, or cancel at anytime. We will not share your e-mail address, and the "double opt-in" process described below makes sure that nobody else -- including us -- signs you up for an e-zine you don't want.

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What will be in the Gazette? In the Gazette, readers from all over the world get tips (in English) to help them learn Irish faster and more easily. While we cover topics of grammar and vocabulary, the focus is on managing study behavior, working Irish into your daily life. In addition to strategies for learning the language, we carry some very brief local announcements for our regular classes and local members, events that may be of regional interest..

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